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Decoration, details that fall in love

In Descanshop we think that the important thing is to create pleasant and peaceful environments to rest at home, for this, we have gathered all the necessary elements to achieve it, including beautiful decoration items. Discover our Interior Design department, where our consultants will help you to create your home...

Ambient sofa piel, Casa Biaca

Evoking warmth an elegant leather sofa natural woods in a shy living room, creating that feeling of well-being and warmth of home.

Ambiente estilo nordico, Artelore

The corner of Secrets, where you can spend your moments in front of your computer, with a soft and indirect light while you enjoy visiting your social networks.

Armario y baúl, Casa Biaca

Hand-painted reliefs with golden hues, different textures and shades are the key to achieving a harmonious result.

Elegancia y personalidad, Casa Bianca

Fusion, balance and elegance come together to give rise to a complete and diverse collection capable of adapting to different styles, always giving an outstanding personality touch.

Ambiente maderas y metal, Casa Bianca

Where time will not pass, there is nothing nobler than the warmth of the wood combined with the intensity of the metal to enjoy moments full of life.

órdicas, Casa Bianca

Nordic-style furniture is undoubtedly one of the most important decorative trends at all levels. It is characterized by using simple shapes, having the wood as reference material and the use of white and pastel shades.

Muebles terraza, Casa Bianca

A recycled wooden chair, a ladder used as a shelf and a storage drawer is all you need, to turn a corner of your terrace, in that place of peace and relaxation.

Mesa y alacena de Artelore

Clear woods that bring luminosity to your environment, places to share those moments with your own.

Ambiente provenzal, Casa Biaca

Be amazed to see the changes that the artisan materials experience when they meet light. So surprising that every moment of the day will seem like a different piece.

Ambiente perfecto de frescura, Casa Bianca

The elegance of the purest materials will help you to get environments with the perfect touch of freshness.

La pieza perfecta, descanshop

We all dream of finding the perfect piece for our

favourite space.

Ambiente mágico con un toque natural, Casa Bianca

A magic lounge with a natural touch. The mixture of its styles and materials enhances simplicity and provokes a stay with its own character.


In all our Descanshop shops, you will find a wide range of accessories

to make your home an even more personal place.



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